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Events and Festivals


( February 2018)

The Carraixali de l'Alguer

The Alghero Carnival


( March - April  )

Festival of the sea urchin

Tasting of sea urchins


( February -  May  )

Prose and Dance 

Teatro Civico Alghero

( March - April 2018 )

The Santa Setmana - Program

Rites and mysteries, spirituality and passion, a fascinating journey to discover one of the deepest traditions of Sardinia: The Santa Setmana de l'Alguer

( April - May 2018)

Open Monument


Event to discover the cultural and environmental heritage


Culinary evento of  Lobster

The restaurants have menus dedicated to lobster, prepared by local chefs


( 7 -10 June 2018 )

Rally Italy Sardinia

World Stage Rally 2018

( June - July 2018 )

Sant Joan

Celebration of Friendship and Brotherhood

( September – Ottobre )

Sant Miquel

Celebrations in honor of St. Michael, Patron Saint of Alghero city


Mès que un mes

All events of the Year of Alghero.