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Having fun in Alghero


For who doesn’t want renounce a busy night, Alghero offers many recreations for everyone and for every budget. Live music in some clubs and concerts in the squares according to the schedule.

At Pocoloco, disco live, you will have the opportunity to listen to live music of a high standard and enjoy an excellent meter-pizza or a drink before the shows.

Three clubs:

At Ruscello Disco,  located on out of the city, has 3 different  dance floors. Inside the garden, a large privè room where you can listen live music until the early morning.

The Bar are four one for each track except for the garden which has two. A shuttle connects directly the city center ( Piazza Sulis) with the Ruscello.

La Siesta, located on a hilltop. Is known for the amazing sea view that gives during the hot summer nights. Its terraces enjoy breathtaking views over the area of the Gulf and the Coral Riviera. Are proposed multiple musical genres from house, techno, commercial revival and more.  At Siestino, exclusive disco privé with an exceptional view of the entire gulf, the rhythms proposed are revival 70/80’s and Chill out.

The Maden, recently opened.