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Le Vele Restaurant

A delightful space between the sky of blue and the sea of green

The open-air restaurant, called ’Le Vele’, is situated under an innovative canopy located in the hotel’s Mediterranean garden, set against the wonderful panorama of the Gulf of Alghero and the Capo Caccia promontory.

’Le Vele’ provides the venue for memorable dinners at which you can get an authentic taste of traditional Sardinian cuisine, with dishes such as malloreddus and other special types of hand-made pasta, myrtle-flavoured roast suckling pig, honey-flavoured seadas and other mouth-watering sweets.

In addition, you can also savour some of the specialities of Alghero, which showcase the local seafood and the vegetables cultivated on the plains that surround the city, and feature a strong Catalan influence.

The restaurant also plays host to dance evenings, folk entertainment and live music. In summer, you will enjoy having breakfast at this panoramicopen-air restaurant, during July and August, amidst the sounds of twittering birds and the intense perfumes of the aromatic plants and flowers.

It is the perfect place to hold banquets, ceremonies and gala dinners.